Since its release in December 2010 from Mindstir Media, Contingency has spent time on the Christian Fiction Bestsellers list at Amazon.com, including reaching #1 in Hot New Releases in Christian Fiction.  Read the latest reviews. In May 2011, Contingency was recognized with two National Indie Excellence Awards: Finalist in Religious Fiction and Winner in Interior Design.

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A covenant is a solemn, binding agreement. God chose to unilaterally enter into a covenant with Abraham. No matter what Abraham said or did, God vowed to uphold the terms and bless Abraham. Marriage is a covenant of trust built on that example, where husband and wife promise to love each other and be faithful to each other until death. These books explore how that covenant endures.

In the background of each story, God calls the characters to enter into a covenant of trust with Him, challenging them to place unwavering trust in His sovereignty, His purpose and His unfailing love for each of them.


In Contingency: Book One (December 2010), that covenant is broken. 

Bobbi Molinsky’s comfortable life is shattered when a forwarded email from her husband’s account lands in her inbox. The email teases, “My whole evening is free again.” After an angry confrontation with Chuck, she is left with the broken remains of an eighteen year marriage.

Bobbi agrees forgiving Chuck is the right thing, the God-honoring thing to do, but it leaves her empty and isolated. Teaching her second-graders is a burden. Taking care of her boys saps all her energy. It seems God Himself has walked away, leaving her to struggle alone.

Bobbi can’t deny the transformation in Chuck, but genuine forgiveness requires trust, and trust is a risk she’s not willing to take. Can she let go of her deepest, most primal fears and save her marriage?


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If your life has been impacted by adultery, check the Resources page. It has descriptions of some of the books I used to help build my characters and the counsel they received.