After Phil Met Chuck

This scene was cut from Chapter 2. It gives Phil's take after talking to Chuck. Since it not Phil's book, it didn't survive.


Arriving back home just after midnight, Phil found Donna waiting up for him on the living room sofa. “It’s way past your bedtime, young lady.” He kissed her cheek. “You must have done some heavy praying,” he said as he sat down beside her.

“Why? What happened?”

“I didn’t have to do anything. Chuck never pointed a finger at anybody else, never offered an excuse. I’ve known Chuck almost twenty years, and ‘humility’ is not a word that immediately springs to mind in describing him.” Donna smiled. “But,” Phil continued, “this has shaken him. He’s sorry, and I don’t think he’s too far from genuine repentance.”

“You think there’s a chance he and Bobbi can work this out?”

“It depends on what he decides in the next few days. He’s got an idea what he needs to do. We’ll see if he does it.”