Gavin and Phil Wait for Chuck at the Golf Course


This scene gives some background and insight into what's going through Gavin's mind. I love Gavin, but I cut nearly every scene that didn't have Bobbi or Chuck in it.


Gavin Heatley arrived at Billings Links first, so he took the only shady seat on the bench outside the clubhouse. The heat and humidity made him question why he insisted on having a beard and mustache. His glasses slid down his nose, but he suspected his golf game might improve if he couldn’t see.

He set his glasses on the bench beside him and wiped his eyes. Someone was coming across the parking lot. He snatched his glasses up, but it was Phil, not Chuck. “What’s with that ugly, orange hat?” Gavin called out.

Phil straightened his Tennessee Volunteers hat. “Hey, my son gave me this hat last time we were in Memphis! It makes me homesick, in fact.”

Gavin stood and greeted Phil with a handshake. “How is Michael?”

“He’s good. Christopher’s eating fruits and vegetables now, and Stacy found some work she can do from home while the baby naps.”

“And Donna got her grandbaby fix?”

“Hardly. I expect we’ll run over to David’s in the next week or two so she can see Grant and Maddie.” Gavin shook his head and smiled. “You’ll find out one of these days about grandbabies,” Phil said. He took his ball cap off and wiped his forehead and neck with a small towel he pulled from his golf bag.

“The heat’s going to make this a long afternoon for you.”

“My own fault. I suggested an afternoon game. Any sign of Chuck yet?”

“He’ll be here. He just doesn’t want to get here first.”

“What do you make of him?”

“I knew it, Phil. I had the sickest feeling when Rita got off the phone with Bobbi. Before she ever said it, I knew what had happened. I let Bobbi down… He turned down a chance to see the All-Star game… I should’ve challenged him then…”

“How long do you think he’s been involved with this woman?”

“Not very long. Bobbi’s too sharp. You know, Rita told me to let him have it.” Gavin nodded toward Chuck’s car as it turned into the parking lot. “So what do you want me to say?”

“Whatever the Spirit gives you. I trust you.”

“You think he’ll listen?”

“If he doesn’t listen to you, I’m not sure I can get through to him.”