Connecting with Bobbi


One of the most gratifying things I hear from readers is how deeply they connect with the characters, especially Bobbi. (Most of my readers are women, after all.) 

I think it's because Bobbi is Everywoman. 

She's a schoolteacher. We all know teachers. She's a wife and a mother and she takes those roles seriously, striving to do her best. We take ours just as seriously. 

She has a dignity about her that we respect, but she has self-preserving guardedness we identify with. I love the sincere struggle she's willing to wage. She gives voice to those thoughts and feelings in us when faced with God's standards- we wish they weren't so high. But they are. 

She's far from perfect, but she's perfect for Chuck. I'm glad he finally realized that.


How did Bobbi connect with you?