Contingency Combo and Free Shipping


In honor of my firstborn's FOURTEENTH birthday, we have a FOURTEEN day sale - Contingency for $14

And since her birthday is the SECOND, how about a two-item combo? Like a signed paperback and e-book BOTH for that same $14

It's March, the THIRD month, so let's make it a three-part deal, and add free shipping.


  • Purchase Contingency for $14.
  • I'll send you a code to download the e-book from Smashwords for FREE. (The Epub and PDF formats are readable on most devices. See how to transfer it to your Kindle.)
  • Then I'll ship your book out for FREE.
This offer is good through March 16th.   Buy now


(If you’d like additional personalization for your copy, enter it in the form at the bottom of the order page.)