Contingency Wins National Indie Excellence Awards

Yesterday, Contingency was named a FINALIST in the Religious Fiction and WINNER in Interior design for the National Indie Excellence 2011 Book Awards. Indie Excellence is open to all English language books that are available for sale online and off, books in print, including small presses, mid-size independent publishers, university presses, and self-published authors.

Mindstir Media issued a press release.

As an added bonus, the contest books are donated to a women's prison in Los Angeles once the judging is completed. 

God is good! 

Audiobook samples

SpringBrook Digital has dropped the price on the Contingency audiobook to $9.99. I encourage you to take advantage of it and download your copy. Check out these sample chapters and see for yourself what a great  job Jeffrey Kafer and Moe Egan did!

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Contingency Combo and Free Shipping


In honor of my firstborn's FOURTEENTH birthday, we have a FOURTEEN day sale - Contingency for $14

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Connecting with Bobbi


One of the most gratifying things I hear from readers is how deeply they connect with the characters, especially Bobbi. (Most of my readers are women, after all.) 

I think it's because Bobbi is Everywoman. 

She's a schoolteacher. We all know teachers. She's a wife and a mother and she takes those roles seriously, striving to do her best. We take ours just as seriously. 

She has a dignity about her that we respect, but she has self-preserving guardedness we identify with. I love the sincere struggle she's willing to wage. She gives voice to those thoughts and feelings in us when faced with God's standards- we wish they weren't so high. But they are. 

She's far from perfect, but she's perfect for Chuck. I'm glad he finally realized that.


How did Bobbi connect with you? 


Beginning with a Bang


spotlight on stageThe opening of any book is critical, and with our collective Twitter-length attention span, a writer has a very short space to grab you. When editing and polishing Contingency's opening I had two goals in mind.
First, I wanted  to create situation compelling enough to make you turn the page. Infidelity is a scandal. Infidelity from the innocent spouse's point of view is a tragedy. Opening with that disaster, and conveying it through a cold, impersonal email lead into the second goal.
Second, I wanted to drop the the reader in the middle of that storm with Bobbi, letting you experience that off-balance feeling she has as she grapples the implications of that email. However, you as the reader know before Bobbi does, that her worst fears are about to be realized. Letting the reader in on that secret builds sympathy for Bobbi. Chuck is doomed before we ever meet him.
How did the opening work for you?